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Best IoT development company in Chennai
Build an integrated ecosystem around your connected devices with our high quality IOT application.

Techno Genesis is one of the top rated IOT application development company in Madurai. We want to automate your business, service important data and cut down every unwanted expense? Techno Genesis helps you to identify the process they can build IOT solutions around it to deliver intelligence and improved performance. Our dynamic IOT application solutions have the potential to boost your business by leaps & bounds.

IOT Solutions Methodology

Our step-by-step strategies are used to digitize your business with IOT. We build a smart network between people and machines for unified functioning by utilizing the growing potential of IOT development.

Define the architecture, research competition


Design a world class user interface, Analyse the usability


Determine devise, select platform, build hardware


Fixing bugs piece by piece


Assure your app, improve marketing strategies

TG - Edge in IOT Solutions

Our edge in IOT solutions can be attributed to the following features:
Our key features include.
  • Focused on optimized use of resources
  • Real time effective decision making
  • Focused on Automated & Optimized Process
  • Improved marketing automation
  • Focused on Smart and enhanced supply chain
  • Focused on better revenue generation
Best IoT development company in India

Our IOT App Development Services

App Development for IOT devices

Our team helps you to build a specific application for different types of devices.

IOT gateway Development

We are the one stop IOT development company in Madurai for all your IOT development related requirements thus we build IOT gateway for your app.

Implementation & support

Techno Genesis is not only provide the IOT app development services also provide the support to our prestigious customers

IOT development technologies we work on

we build with the best technology stack for IOT Development.

Wi-Fi is a wireless network which is used to communicate between sender & receiver using radio frequency technology. Wi-Fi is providing high-speed internet without any physical connections.


Bluetooth is secured protocol and it covered a way to exchange data between unwired entities in a revolutionary fashion. Bluetooth is perfect for short-range, low-power and low-cost


zigbee is a high level communication protocol, it consumes less power. Zigbee uses mesh networking technology to reach more distance.


iBeacon is a Apple technology standard its allows both the Ios and andrid mobile apps to listen & react for signals from beacons in the real world. It tracks indoor behaviour and helps in indoor positioning.

Our IOT Domain Expertise

We provide IoT software development services to meet client expectations that hails from varied industries sectors. Some of them have been mentioned below.