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ERP Software Development For Textiles Industry

Techno Genesis is a top software application development company in Madurai. Our experienced software development team built custom and user-friendly ERP software application for the Textile shop that customizes with your business. The powerful ERP application benefits both Wholesaler & Dealers of the textile industry. It manages purchase orders, sales, customer management, vendor management, warehouse management, billing, inventory, accounting, invoice, credit points, coupon generator, payment mode, and counter etc.

Our ERP Software Application supports all kinds of business processes such as retailing, distribution, wholesale etc. Our software application is user-friendly and it can be customized to any type of business. The importance of ERP Software in textile industry plays a major role in leading competitive industry and its delivers higher ROI within the business.

The Major Functionalities of Our ERP Software Application
  • Master settings is a single configuration point that resembles the entire working mechanism
  • Vendor & customer management is a protected environment that creates adaptability and simplifies hazards
  • Sales management empowers the achievement of your business to upgrade profits with quality leads
  • Purchase order management help to create end-to-end and clear communication between buyers and sellers
  • Purchase management is used for Economic ability and quality of goods and services with flexible actions
  • Warehouse Management is a platform to store bulk volume of products which delivers the required amount of products to requested counter
  • Payment Management allows users or customers to select desired payment options to complete their order.

Benefits of Our ERP Software Application for Textile Industry

  • A customized ERP application for a textile industry used to maintain multiple business process modules into a single interface. To reduce hazards in textile shops such as material requirement planning, sales, inventory, accounting, stock, purchase, manufacturing, distribution etc.
  • By using our ERP application in the textile industry used for various purposes are maintaining the accounts on regular basis, entire retail store control, improving quality management, to make effective financial decisions, monitoring payments by customer etc.
  • Our ERP application allows admins to add new user details, unlimited product details, and any functionalities without any hazards
  • ERP systems allocate requested the order of textile materials to particular customers and are necessary for processing order deliveries as planned
  • Tracking the repeated request of a customer can keep your existing customers engaged and build your business and keep moving to their next level.